Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to throw a Dinner Party in 12-steps or less

Picture this: All of your intellectual, brainy friends, sitting around your immaculately dressed modern, yet classic, dining room table, trading stories of their travels to Sri Lanka and swapping good books. There is good food and the wine never stops flowing. Everyone leaves smiling and happy, thinking, “That ____! She sure is good at planning a Dinner Party.”

The perfect Dinner Party; More elusive than a unicorn, and more talked about than the TomKat divorce.

But while you’re lost in the Domestic Dinner Party Fantasy (DDPF), here’s what really happens:

1.     Browsing Martha Stewart Living in the waiting room at your OB/GYN’s office, you spot a recipe for a seasonal “PotatoSalad with Celery, Cress and Bacon.” Never mind that you don’t know what cress is, the picture looks great and you know that anything goes well with bacon.  You plan on making it the following week, and fantasize about a trip to the green market to pick out the perfect spuds. But why keep it all to yourself? This recipe is worthy of a Dinner Party!
2.     Fantasize about throwing Dinner Party for a week. Mention it to friends. Say, “I’m thinking of having a Dinner Party! How fun would that be?”
3.     Neglect to send any sort of real invitation for another week.
4.     Craft the perfect Dinner Party invite email. Spend hours agonizing over who to send it to.
5.     Realize you only have 6 plates. Dinner Party of 5.
6.     Whittle it down to the perfect list! Everyone has a connection or knows each other, but not too well.
7.     Imagine: friendships being made, stories being told, potential lovers being brought together.
8.     “We chose  _______ as the godmother of our first born child, because we met at a fantastic dinner party at her house!”
9.     Hit send.
10. 3/5 of the invitees can’t make it.
11. Fuck.*
12. Have a small Dinner Party with 2 good friends, but drink enough wine for the other 3 would-be-guests. Whatever.

*Step 11 is optional