Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to save a few bucks: When carting around a large purse pays off.

1. Toilet paper. When I first moved to the city and every single penny counted (i.e. saved for essential things, like rent or alcohol) spending money on toilet paper was unnecessary. Every bar—and sometimes restaurant—that foolishly left out rolls and rolls of tp so the employees wouldn’t have to constantly refill was a godsend. Just grab a couple, stuff in your purse, and repeat. Voila. You’ve just saved yourself $5.

2. Leftover sandwiches (or other edible delights). Attending a lot of events—free through work or pay-to-go events like film festivals or music festivals—that have lots of free bites begs for a large purse with some napkins…or if you’re really thinking ahead, Tupperware. If you think about, the food that doesn’t get eaten at things like this just get thrown away. So why not take a few things for your meal the next day? Or for a midnight snack? That free bag of chips or free cookies can come in handy when you’re feeling low on blood sugar waiting in line for that movie screening or sample sale… or for the damned G train that never seems to come.

3. Glassware. Although this is a throwback to the college years, every once in a while a bar/ restaurant’s glassware catches your eye. And sometimes when you break enough of your own glasses (always on accident, sometimes while sober), you need one or two new ones. This is especially true of gigantic glass steins from beer gardens that you would never purchase on your own, but really, really need to have. Plus, it’s a win-win. You pay for a drink and get a free glass. It’s the best deal in the city.

4. Alcohol. This may be the best way to save on money when you’re constantly meeting friends (and strangers) after work or on the weekends for libations. Flasks can easily fit inside a large purse. And if you go somewhere that checks bags (i.e. concerts or baseball games) a large purse can be filled with random other objects like books, shoes, tampons, and makeup to distract attention from a small pocket containing your flask. In a pinch, you can even fit small bottles of alcohol in your large purse. Once you’re inside the venue, all you have to do is order a soda and head to the bathroom to mix your drink. Spending $2 instead of $8? Yes, please!

5. Water. BYOW, folks. This is perhaps the most practical thing to carry in your large purse that will save you a few bucks. Instead of spending money on water bottles at Duane Reade (or from one of those random, slightly dirty-looking coolers that little kids cart around the park on a hot day), you can bring your own water. Cheap and good for you. What could be better than that?

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